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New Material on the Support Page!

Posted: 8th July 2013 by Diamond Sutra in Production

A lot of new official uploads on the Support page! Updates include: – A link to Lotus Blossom’s Bridal Path (finally!) – The TBZ Naming Guide (from the rulebook, in an easy-to-use format) – Against the Tide campaign playset, complete with larger versions of the maps by Tony Dowler, plus two of his original sketches! […]

Shipping heads up

Posted: 24th May 2013 by Diamond Sutra in General, Production

I posted the latest on Kickstarter. The short: All should be out my door by next Wednesday. Whatever is left will be out by the end of the week. Thanks! -Andy [ viagra generic canada | what is viagra made of | viagra affiliate | where to buy viagra | who should not take […]

Gone Silent!

Posted: 7th May 2013 by Diamond Sutra in General, Production

Because of this! Currently putting together the Kickstarter (then Preorder) sets for shipping. High-end tier folks’ stuff already went out, now I’m working my way down the list. I’m keeping quiet for a little while, just so I can focus on the rest of fulfillment. I’ll post an update once I brush the dust […]

Tenra: Books are Set to Ship!

Posted: 11th March 2013 by Diamond Sutra in Production

Tenra Bansho Zero: Confirmation! Books will be on a boat in six days. They will arrive in New York (technically Elizabeth, NJ) mid-April. It will take a few days to clear customs then probably another week to be delivered, but I expect to have them at the end of April. Then the shipping begins. Barring […]

Looking for Tenra Fan Art!

Posted: 10th March 2013 by Diamond Sutra in General, Production, Support

So, the book’s not out yet, of course, but a lot of folks had the chance to review the Tenra PDF. Turns out there’s some folks out there who have been doodling around with Tenra Bansho fan art. Feel free to post such fan art wherever you want. Your enthusiasm is totally awesome. Do as […]

Pre-Order Store is now open!

Posted: 24th February 2013 by Diamond Sutra in General, Production

We now have a webstore open, for ordering the PDF as well as pre-ordering the book (regular edition and limited edition hardcover versions). All pre-orders will include a few extras: *A set of 5 postcards featuring character art from TBZ: On the other side of each card are the Aiki/Kiai rules (four) and the Emotion […]

More Dice, A Few Updates!

Posted: 19th February 2013 by Diamond Sutra in Production

Hey all some brief updates: * The rest of the dice, 9,000 of them, arrived late last week! I’ll be spending a night or two dropping them in baggies, getting prepped for SHIPPING-OCALYPSE. * The Tenugui (hand-cloth) design is done (it will be the Kanji for TENRA BANSHO ZERO, in an awesome hand-brush font), just […]

Preview Books Arrived!

Posted: 9th February 2013 by Diamond Sutra in Production

Ahhh, unfortunately we were snagged by Chinese New Year: They weren’t able to bind and send all the books before the biggest event of the year in China/Hong Kong, so we’re set back approx 10-14 days. On the other hand, we got the samples of the paperbacks with slipcase, and the awesome limited edition hardcovers. […]

The Proofs are In!

Posted: 28th December 2012 by Diamond Sutra in Production

Hey all, a sort of mini-update on the Tenra project. Luke received the print proofs from our printer, and snapped some pictures. He’s completed the layout review, he’s express-mailing the proof to me (arrives Monday!) to do the content review, and if everything passes we press the GO button (and if it doesn’t pass, we […]

More Materials!

Posted: 3rd December 2012 by Diamond Sutra in Production, Support

If you’re a backer, check out the latest public report! There’s another update of Tenra materials on the support page: Including: Form-fillable sheets, revised and complete sample character sheets (two types; one-page and two-page), a downloadable Emotion Matrix, the Session Log Sheet, and updated fan contributions (including Elemental Archetypes!). Also, in some free time, I’ve […]