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Your Scenario Ideas, Here!

Posted: 12th October 2012 by Diamond Sutra in Production, Setting, Uncategorized

Hi all! I’m currently grinding through the pieces of book production in order to prep the books for printing, and at the same time got my head down to power through some other promised material. So while I’m not completely creatively drained, I could definitely use the help of some creative constraints to build some […]

Allergies lend their way to more Editing!

Posted: 7th March 2012 by Diamond Sutra in General, Setting, Translation

I just meant to post a quick update over on my Google Plus page, next thing I know I’ve got a page of text that is ripe for reposting on the development blog! Anyway, I was sick yesterday; took the opportunity to push further in the Last Major Editing Run for Tenra Bansho. Got through […]

The Armour Rider: Born for War

Posted: 14th November 2011 by Diamond Sutra in Characters, Setting

Yoroi, or armours, are the terrors of the battlefield. Ranging from around 3-4 meters tall, just having one semi-functioning armour can instantly change the tide of a battle against an armourless opponent. An armour is not only a weapon, it’s a symbol of status like an ancient well-regarded katana or a priceless tea cup. Their riders […]

The Kugutsu – More Human than Human

Posted: 6th September 2011 by Diamond Sutra in Characters, Rules, Setting

From birth, they are trained in the classical arts: Calligraphy, poetry, history, polite conversation, musical performance and other areas of courtly study. They are raised to be the wives, playthings, and trophies of the lords of Tenra. They are raised to be proper, to be subservient, but most of them know better that the life […]

Kongohki – The Unbreakable Machines

Posted: 8th August 2011 by Diamond Sutra in Characters, Setting, Tenra 101

Kongohki are a marvel of Tenra’s combined technology and magic.  They also demonstrate the soulless depths to which both will plunge to get a leg up in the war-torn world. The word Kongohki (金剛機) breaks down to Kongoh (The Japanese word for Sanskrit’s Vajra: Diamond, a Mythical Unbreakable Substance, Admantium even) and Ki (Machine). A […]

Oni: The Caretakers

Posted: 28th June 2011 by Diamond Sutra in Characters, Setting, Tenra 101

The people which the humans call “Oni” call themselves the Lu-Tirae: The Caretakers. They were the original humanoid lifeforms on Tenra when the humans arrived thousands of years ago. Things haven’t been going to well for them ever since. The oni are the native peoples analogue for the culture of Tenra. Depending on where you […]

Buddhism and Tenra!

Posted: 7th October 2010 by Diamond Sutra in Setting

Well, Buddhist tenets pretty much permeate all levels of the game: “If your Karma goes above 108 (the number of Buddhist sins), you become an Asura”, blah blah blah. Here, though, I’m talking about the setting of the game. There are three major sects of Buddhism in Tenra: Like the real world, Buddhism in the […]

Samurai 7: Interesting! (plus, Intermissions)

Posted: 28th September 2010 by Diamond Sutra in General, Rules, Setting

After about a half dozen people recommended it, Samurai 7 popped up into my Netflix queue and the disk arrived the other day. I’m two episodes in so far, but I dig it. Someone mentioned that it really has a “Tenra-like” feel to it, and at this point I gotta agree. The anachronistic technology and […]

Need English Language Manga Recommendations!

Posted: 20th August 2010 by Diamond Sutra in General, Setting

So, with what you know of Tenra, what you’ve seen or heard… What sorts of English Language MANGA would you recommend of the same feel? Drama, conflict, and action. I can think of a hundred anime/J-dramas/movies, but having a hard time on manga. Recommendations please! Manga, Manwa (Korean), Chinese manga/comics, anything is fine. Off the […]

“What is a “ZAKT-8″, Anyway?”

Posted: 14th July 2010 by Diamond Sutra in General, Setting

So a few questions and comments folks had: * What is that “ZAKT-8″ weapon on the character sheet from the last post? What does it look like? A ZAKT-8 is a unique weapon to the setting of Tenra. It’s the only standard “typical big-ass anime sword” that appears, most weapons are… well, *normal sized*. In […]