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Hey all: About halfway through the Kickstarter campaign, I gathered some of your questions to ask to Tenra’s designer Junichi Inoue. Here they are! I’ll be posting the questions and his answers, and where needed be providing commentary. 1) How did you get involved in the tabletop RPG design business, and what was the first […]

2012 State of Things!

Posted: 5th February 2012 by Diamond Sutra in FEAR (the Japanese company), General, Translation

Hey all, sorry about the wait! The usual mix of sickness, then work/day-job busy-ness, family stuff, vacation stuff, yadda yadda yadda. Before going further with the character and setting updates, I wanted to drop a level-set for Tenra for 2012, give you an idea of where it’s at, etc. I was going to post a […]

Some things are bigger than a Game…

Posted: 6th April 2011 by Diamond Sutra in FEAR (the Japanese company), General

Hey all: Sorry about the lack of updates. Been following the news since the earthquake/tsunami/reactor disasters, it kind of took the bite out of an update for this game. I’m currently in Japan, having spent a few days north in Gunma, then working my way south through Tokyo, Kyoto, and Kobe. Half of the trip […]

From the previous blog post comments, Flamesoul said: “Sounds great to me. Although I’m well aware I’m a sucker for limited editions. Can’t wait to see what is finally decided.” Heh, there’a actually an expression for being a sucker for limited editions: “Gentei-ban ni yowai” (or “I’m weak against limited editions”): 限定版に弱い I heard this […]

Status of the Game!

Posted: 8th July 2007 by Diamond Sutra in FEAR (the Japanese company), General, Translation

Hey all, in the interest of full disclosure to the patient fans and all, I figured that I’d share some background on the project. We recently hit some milestones, but we’ve still got a long way to go. More recently, after discussions on Story Games, I’ve decided that the game really needs to do more […]

Interesting Development: TENRA WAR!

Posted: 25th February 2007 by Diamond Sutra in FEAR (the Japanese company)

So, I have heard rumors of it here and there for a while now, but it’s confirmed: The latest game by Junichi Inoue (designer of Tenra Bansho) is coming out Next Month, in March!  It’s called Tenra WAR (天羅WAR) and it features basically a giant culture clash and war between the world of Tenra Bansho […]