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Hey all: About halfway through the Kickstarter campaign, I gathered some of your questions to ask to Tenra’s designer Junichi Inoue. Here they are! I’ll be posting the questions and his answers, and where needed be providing commentary. 1) How did you get involved in the tabletop RPG design business, and what was the first […]

Kongohki – The Unbreakable Machines

Posted: 8th August 2011 by Diamond Sutra in Characters, Setting, Tenra 101

Kongohki are a marvel of Tenra’s combined technology and magic.  They also demonstrate the soulless depths to which both will plunge to get a leg up in the war-torn world. The word Kongohki (金剛機) breaks down to Kongoh (The Japanese word for Sanskrit’s Vajra: Diamond, a Mythical Unbreakable Substance, Admantium even) and Ki (Machine). A […]

Oni: The Caretakers

Posted: 28th June 2011 by Diamond Sutra in Characters, Setting, Tenra 101

The people which the humans call “Oni” call themselves the Lu-Tirae: The Caretakers. They were the original humanoid lifeforms on Tenra when the humans arrived thousands of years ago. Things haven’t been going to well for them ever since. The oni are the native peoples analogue for the culture of Tenra. Depending on where you […]

The Arts of War: Martial Arts in Tenra!

Posted: 8th November 2010 by Diamond Sutra in Rules, Tenra 101

October: A kinda unsettling month. My real job aside, I spent most of the entire month totally sick: Viral infection to viral bronchitis to a nasty common cold. Finally getting better and back on track. We’ll be seeing regular 2-week posts from here on out. Status: Tenra is still in layout, will be that way […]

Tenra 101 : Setting

Posted: 25th May 2007 by Diamond Sutra in Setting, Tenra 101

Hi all, I just did a minor retooling of the site, to replace old info with new, and clean up some of the text. In the process, I figured that it was a good time to start my planned “Tenra 101″ series of articles. We’ll begin with a quick look at The Setting. [ uses […]