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5 Days of Tenra in a Row…

Posted: 9th November 2006 by Diamond Sutra in General, Rules, Setting

Hey all, interesting things afoot. This weekend is the local gaming convention in North Carolina “MACE“. I’m going to be running one scenario of Tenra Bansho (the “Ninja Village” one that I’ve been prepping and running recently) on Friday and Saturday, and on Sunday I’ll be playing in Mark C’s Tenra game based on an […]

…and more Ninjas!

Posted: 7th November 2006 by Diamond Sutra in Characters, General, Rules, Uncategorized

Hey all, been really hectic lately. I’ve actually been running Tenra scenarios here and there for the past two months, testing the system and improving my own understanding on how things work the way that they do. Anyway, I planned to write a lot more than I… well.. have time for these days, what with […]