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Tenra Bansho Play Report from GC2007

Posted: 18th March 2008 by Diamond Sutra in Uncategorized

Heya, this popped up on my radar, an actual play description from an event I ran at GenCon last year. It’s kinda weird that this popped up half a year later on some weird blog: “hayleybarholomew” at wordpress. Huh? Must be some link spammer in training. Anyway, I was reading the description of the event, […]

The Good, the Realistic, and the Bad

Posted: 4th March 2008 by Diamond Sutra in General

The Bad First: Later than I thought. February 2009. The Realistic: This is a Hard Date, and Attainable. And worth the wait, because… The Good: I have a Motherfucking Superhero pegged to do layout and put the book together. The book will be so hot, it will make your eyes burn. The Other: There will […]