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Holy Crap, When it Rains it Pours!

Posted: 11th February 2012 by Diamond Sutra in General, Translation

Major milestone hit tonight. Luke Crane is an¬†indomitable¬†weapon of layout and design. More on the specifics later. For now, I’m about to embark on the final, nightmarish editing run. As this proceeds and I come up for little gasps of air between editing and work, I’m finding some time here and there to put together […]

It’s Coming Together!

Posted: 10th February 2012 by Diamond Sutra in General, Translation

This last week inspired a whirlwind of mad productivity in both myself and Luke. You can see us dropping love-frustration (lovestration?) tweets about stuff popping into our heads over on twitter: Me (Andy) – @diamondsutra Luke @Burning_Luke Currently slamming my way through the Director’s Cut book, will shortly move on to the final round of […]

2012 State of Things!

Posted: 5th February 2012 by Diamond Sutra in FEAR (the Japanese company), General, Translation

Hey all, sorry about the wait! The usual mix of sickness, then work/day-job busy-ness, family stuff, vacation stuff, yadda yadda yadda. Before going further with the character and setting updates, I wanted to drop a level-set for Tenra for 2012, give you an idea of where it’s at, etc. I was going to post a […]