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Tenra: Books are Set to Ship!

Posted: 11th March 2013 by Diamond Sutra in Production

Tenra Bansho Zero: Confirmation! Books will be on a boat in six days. They will arrive in New York (technically Elizabeth, NJ) mid-April. It will take a few days to clear customs then probably another week to be delivered, but I expect to have them at the end of April. Then the shipping begins. Barring […]

Looking for Tenra Fan Art!

Posted: 10th March 2013 by Diamond Sutra in General, Production, Support

So, the book’s not out yet, of course, but a lot of folks had the chance to review the Tenra PDF. Turns out there’s some folks out there who have been doodling around with Tenra Bansho fan art. Feel free to post such fan art wherever you want. Your enthusiasm is totally awesome. Do as […]