What’s Happening, Yo?

Posted: 20th September 2012 by Diamond Sutra in General

Here’s what’s happening!

* Talked to Luke about how we’re going to proceed with book layout. The hardcovers are going to be murderous.

* Talked to Jerry about the adventure scenarios and production of the rules booklet and postcards. This is going to rock your world, I promise.

* Building a list of who ordered what. If you can read this, you wanted something more to your pledge, and haven’t contacted me yet, PLEASE DO!

* Currently grinding hard on the rules summary and day-one adventure scenario.

* Just put in an almost $5,000 order of foam poker chips.

* Ordering 19,000 Japanese dice.

I will totally take pictures of the above when they arrive!


  1. darkonezero says:

    A question about the hardcovers: since there won’t be a slipcase for these, will there at least be a makeshift-something to bundle the books together?

  2. Heya darkonezero: The books will be shipped together, so there is no risk of separation or damage (the only reason there is a slipcase for the softcovers).


  3. Neotemplar says:

    I’m hoping that’s a good murderous as in “awesomesauce” in regards to the hardcovers and not an “aw shit this is difficult” one.

  4. darkonezero says:

    Yo Diamond Sutra: For some reason, I had considered the slipcase’s purpose to be aesthetic to symbolize complete package. This clears up that misunderstanding, god speed on the processing of the post-kickstarter processing.

  5. Zach says:

    Is there any chance that those of us who missed the kickstarter can pre-order copies? This looks way too cool to miss!

  6. Heya: please contact me through the Kickstarter messaging system so I have a record, but yes we should be able to work something out. Thanks!

  7. SuperMonkee says:

    So, did you get the “Play It Now” pre-release books shipped?

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