Chips, Calligraphy and the PDF!

Posted: 4th October 2012 by Diamond Sutra in General, Production

Hey all, some quick updates on the TBZ progression!

“BUT I WANT IT NOW!” backing levels: It took an extra week because of local printer delays, but the first round went out and the second round (the folks who wanted to wait an extra week for the poker chips to arrive) will be going out on Saturday! Yeah, five huge boxes filled with foam poker chips arrived, and I’m currently boxing up sets for the folks who got an advance copy!

And just because I’m a glutton for punishment, here’s some pics of the process. In it I am reminded again that knowing and writing kanji by hand (I’ve got really pretty badass penmanship for Japanese cursive) doesn’t mean SQUAT when it comes to picking up a brush and doing real calligraphy. (^.^)

I don’t suck, but I’m not that good, either. Still, I wrote from the heart (and inside each book is a several-line dedication) so it should all be good!

I picked out “White Cloud”, a brush I picked up at in the huge arts and crafts area of JOYFUL HONDA in Ota (well, technically Nitta-machi) a few years back. If you’ve been to JOYFUL HONDA, you know it’s like the most awesome store in the world with perhaps the sole exception of Village Vanguard.

To keep the quality high, I did the books kanji by kanji.

More writing.

Weird thing: The fewer strokes a character has, the suckier I am at writing it in calligraphy. (^.^)

And the final group of setting books (left) and rule books (right) before they got boxed up!

The Tenra Bansho Zero PDF: The pre-final PDFs will be available to all backers this weekend (likely Sunday). I’m currently compiling a list of final text mistakes (since it’s a long book, it’s a long list: Mostly simple one-letter spelling errors or grammatical errors we missed on the previous 5 editing passes), and will ask for help finding any last mistakes with the PDF before it is finalized for printing in a few weeks.

Oh, and we have an ISBN number now! Wow, it’s a Real Book!

  1. Aleph Null says:

    Awesome news on the PDF. It’s really heartening to see how hard you’re working to bring this to us, especially given that you still have a day job. Respeck.

  2. SuperMonkee says:

    Picked up my copies & dice at the post office yesterday. I really can’t express how happy I am with them. My friends and I will have tons of fun with these, and there’s still so much more yet to come! It feels good to be a part of this. I hope that doesn’t sound too cheesy. :)

  3. Welding says:

    Can’t wait for the PDF’s to hit! Next week will be awesome!

  4. Tessa Vaako says:

    Oh! Looking forward to the PDFs. Give me something to read on Monday.

  5. alex says:

    All your image links seem to be dead.

  6. Hmmm. Try reloading the page, they are coming up fine for me on different browsers, and making sure to use a public account. They link to my public picasaweb folder pics. Make sure you aren’t blocking google/picasaweb.


  7. Maleketh says:

    I’m curious as to whether the how-to-play guide will come as a PDF. I have an online group that I’m itching to get into TBZ, and being able to share that with them (assuming that’s legal and all) would be a big help.

  8. Daniel Coffin says:

    sweet! now i have something to look forward to next week.

  9. Wait, “How to Play Guide?” What’s that? :-)


  10. Maleketh says:

    I hate that I can’t quite tell whether you’re being serious, having a laugh at my expense, or both. :/

  11. Actually, no, not making fun of you at all (I’d never do that!), I don’t know what you’re referring to with the how-to-play guide?? I’m not doing anything like that at all for Tenra, so I’m honestly not sure what you’re talking about.


  12. OHHHHhh, I think you might mean the physical Rules Reference? (that thing that gets included with all the physical books?)

    Yeah, that’s basically just all the tables and basic rules that you might find on a GM’s screen, printed out in a little booklet format. It’s not really a ground-up how-to-play guide, it’s just so you can have all the combat options in one place without having a second book at the table.

    It’s not going to be in PDF format: The rulebook itself will take care of those concerns: It’s not hard to find these rules in the book or anything like that, so just having your group get a copy of the PDF will be fine.

    If that’s the thing you were talking about there, I think that is.


  13. Yalborap says:

    Is that the introductory reference comic, Andy? Because I, at least, would kill for a PDF of that. Killlll.

  14. Neotemplar says:

    Yalborap Just gave me some shades of Detroit Metal City

  15. Skywalker says:

    The “How to Play Guide” could be referring to the Replay you plan (which won’t be due for a few months IIRC).

  16. Maleketh says:

    Nah, I was referring to the rules summary. Although a PDF of the intro comic would be great too.

  17. Skywalker says:

    The intro comic is in the rulebook, which we are getting a PDF of.

  18. Setlt says:

    We’ll get the PDF by email correct?

  19. Quinn says:

    Oh boy, I hope so. Otherwise my obsessive email checking today would be pointless!

    I assume it’ll either be that or a backer update (which have email notifications).

  20. DBN says:

    Is it safe to assume the pre-final PDF won’t be released today?

  21. Quinn says:

    Eh, it’s only 7! I shall keep up hope until the day ends!

  22. It’s coming! It’s only 8PM here, and I need to do a few things first.

    It’ll be a backer update for KS backers, so check your email for KS emails.

    If folks made arrangements with me outside of KS (there’s just a handful, the people whose KS funding was blocked in the end and paid me direct via Paypal), I’ll be sending out the link to those folks direct tomorrow.


  23. Quinn says:

    Hahahaha! So excited.

  24. themocaw says:

    No pressure, Andy. Just a thousand-or-so excited fans eagerly waiting to crash your servers by simultaneously downloading the PDF file. 😀

  25. If you crash Google Drive, that will indeed be epic.

  26. Neotemplar says:

    If you hear a metallic clicking noise its 1k+ people chomping at the bit.

  27. Jeremy Puckett says:


  28. Quinn says:

    /me watches as Google Drive suffocates, falls over, then bans Andy.

  29. Islore says:

    I awaken in the UK to find my inbox stuffed with download links t the pre-release rules set! So excited!

    ….only to discover that all of them have exceeded bandwidth limits already! The files trapped just beyond reach! Oh, so near, yet so very far…

  30. Welding says:

    Can’t download anything. Makes me sad.

  31. Kevin Portland says:

    Try putting it on Dropcanvas. It doesn’t need registration, and lets you delete stuff later.

    Hell, I could make one myself and PM you the master link you need to edit it because I was lucky enough to get the PDFs.

  32. Kevin Portland says:

    As Andy appears to have gone to bed, I made a canvas and sent the link. It can be deleted in short order if wanted.

    The link is in the comments on the additional links update. If you can’t see that, you shouldn’t have the PDF.

  33. Welding says:

    Thanks Kevin!
    Managed to download it just fine, and seen some other people doing the same.

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