Posted: 7th October 2012 by Diamond Sutra in General, Production, Translation

LOCKED! We’re Done!

You are warriors for the regent Masahide Bugfixjima, on a holy mission to rid this grand document of filth!

If you got the email, you know what this blog post is for. Post the typos in the comments.

Make sure you have made sure they’re not on the Master Spreadsheet first.

Submit them in the comments of this blog entry. Please note:

Ex: setting

ex: 151

AREA (on that page)
ex: 2nd paragraph, 3rd line

ex: grammar

ex:  “I think the the the the the the the the the the the spinach is awesome” should be “I think the spinach is awesome”

So, an example post might look like this:

setting, 151, 2nd paragraph 3rd line, grammar, “I think the the the the the the the the the the the spinach is awesome” should be “I think the spinach is awesome”

Thank you in advance.

Please, no comments other than fix entries. As I add your entries to the master document, I’ll delete them from this post (probably once a day or so).


  1. Shiro says:


  2. Achim says:

    setting, 87, spelling. Heading “GEOMANCERS AND SOULGEM MINEs” – make last S a capital letter
    setting, 89, grammar. 2nd column. “The gem is loaded into a in cylindrical ring” – remove the word “in”
    setting, 92, grammmar/style. 2nd column. “However, due to its extraordinary weight …” – replace “its” with “the”, or change “low center of gravity of the Zakt” to “its lower center of gravity” later in the sentence?

  3. Hyphz says:

    Sorry if these are pedantic:

    Setting 224. Rikudo Aya is described as “both a combat-model kugutsu and a shinobi of some renown.” Elsewhere it is stated that kugutsu cannot be shinobi due to the need for implanted soulgem dust. Was she meant to be a “ninja”?

    Also (this may be reaching), Rules 438 describes the sample Kugutsu character is a “War Maiden”, but Setting 180 says that a fighting Kugutsu is called a “Blade Princess”. These might be deliberately different but I thought I might mention it.

  4. Christopher Sulat says:

    Sorry the bug that you have listed as

    Setting, Page 51, in the Google doc

    should be

    Setting, Page 57, Onmyoji should be explained here instead of on the next page.

  5. Rules, p.211, “Shiki Weapon”, the last row combines both columns into the left (“Sense Link: Yes”), and should be split.

  6. Skywalker says:

    Rules, page 170, left hand column, last “Solution:” runs on from the example unlike the previous two which had a line break.

  7. Rules, p.421, “Customized Weapons” — I can’t tell if it’s just the kerning, but it looks like this says “Customzed”, missing an I.

  8. Shiro says:


    The headers are just displaying oddly on some PDF viewers – my tablet has wonky kerning, but on my Mac they are fine.

    @Christopher Sulat, thanks for the clarification, but I still don’t understand what the problem is – I can’t see much stuff on onmyojutsu on p58, and it doesn’t seem oddly laid out… Could you please clarify further?

  9. T says:

    rules, p.7, Asura last sentence, grammar, last clause doesn’t make sense – maybe the sentence should read “You reveal yourself to be evil, and your PC
    becomes an NPC and is removed from the game.”

  10. Daniel says:

    where can i find the doc? is it only available to playtesters? i’d like to avoid double reporting.

  11. Skywalker says:

    It’s on the third to last Kickstarter update.

  12. Christopher Sulat says:


    Seems I was correct the first time – sorry for causing confusion.

    Setting, p51, second last paragraph, last sentence, “Now that kimenkyo have become widely available, many are attempting to find alternative uses for the technology, especially in the realm of Onmyojutsu”.

    When I read this I had no idea what Onmyojutsu was until turning page:

    Setting, p52, second paragraph, second sentence, “…replacing human organs and limbs with mechanical parts using onmyojutsu (the art of sorcery)….”

    I thought perhaps it was better to put the section in parenthesis on page 51 where the term is first introduced rather than over the page.

  13. Christopher Sulat says:

    Not really and issue:

    Setting, p184, 2nd paragraph, 1st sentence, “Next, they carve all the major parts of a kugutsu (the head, right arm, left arm, right foot, left foot, chest, abdomen, and waist)…”

    Seems funny that it is the feet as opposed to the legs that are important. I imagine this was to preserve the Japanese word “ashi”?

  14. Christopher Sulat says:

    Setting, p189, 2nd column, 2nd paragraph, “…all manner of bug or worm crawling out…” should be “…all manner of bugs or worms crawling out…”

  15. Christopher Sulat says:

    Setting, p222, first column, last sentence. “The set conspiracies in motion…” should be “They set conspiracies in motion…”

  16. Jürgen Duvendack says:

    Rules, p50, first column, last paragraph. Maybe I get it wrong, but should “Kiai is the player currency of the game” not be “Aiki is the player currency of the game”?

  17. Shiro says:


    OK guys, that’s a wrap – I’m calling it there, unless someone finds something really heinous that we all missed!

    In total, we’ve captured and catalogued 816 bugs, making us all the true annelidists of Tenra!

    I’m off for a well-deserved early night!

    Gokurousama! 😀