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Hi all! I’m currently grinding through the pieces of book production in order to prep the books for printing, and at the same time got my head down to power through some other promised material. So while I’m not completely creatively drained, I could definitely use the help of some creative constraints to build some scenarios!

I want your scenario ideas! At the very least, one sentence; at most about a paragraph or so. Put in as little or as much detail as you want.

Here’s two examples:

EX1: “A ninja clan is tasked to destroy a rival clan of various assassins who are targeting their lord.”

EX2: “There’s a group of Phoenix order heresy-hunters tracking down a particularly nasty ayakashi threat. There’s a Phoenix order Buddhist monk, an ayakashi-in-disguise who pretends to be a monk, a samurai guardian of the monk, and some other character, perhaps an oni tracker or annelidist. They start on the edge of civilization near the Naira-do forest and have to track it down. They end up coming across a ghost town haunted by the spirits of people the ayakashi destroyed, and the PCs have to try to bring them to rest. They come across a remote ninja village, and have to deal with the village elders since they know the village’s secret (maybe they have to fight the village, or maybe they can talk their way out of it). The final showdown with the humanoid ayakashi is at an ancient temple set into the side of a cliff near a waterfall. The ayakashi has the appearance of a child with red eyes, and is capable of incredible feats of strength.”

…anything in that range. If you want to utilize the “Against the Tide” setting that comes in the Rulebook, that’s fine. If you want to completely ignore it (“A scenario that takes place 400 years ago on a desert hellscape far to the East”) that’s fine too.

What I’m hoping to find is something that inspires me for two Kickstarter-promised deliverables: The scenario writeup which will be ready in a few weeks (when the final PDF is delivered), as well as the scenario that I’ll use for the eventual Replay. I’ll of course credit your idea in the work. I’ll also bind all your ideas together into a simple text document to hopefully inspire others as well.

If possible, please post one idea per post, as many ideas as you like.


  1. zakueins says:

    One of the players has a puzzle box hidden in their kimono when they go through town-the person that put the box in their kimono is found dead by the players. EVERYBODY wants the box. Players are offered everything from bribes to violence, both publicly and privately. The only hint as to what they should do WITH the box is a note attached to the box-“From the sky to the sea to the shore to the sky, find the three pillars of Heaven and face the salvation of Hell.”

  2. zakueins says:

    The players get work salvaging for a local lord weapons and gear from a battlefield. They find a yoyori armor that pre-dates the Fall. Hilarity ensues.

  3. zakueins says:

    A kugetsu comes to the players in disguise. A lord in a nearby province is willing to marry and free the kugetsu if she can make it there before the Spring Festival. Her owner, a very powerful and sadistic retainer of the local lord, wants her back. She has a little money, but mostly she has a scroll that she must take to the lord that wants to marry her.

  4. zakueins says:

    A shinobi is stalking one of the players. S/he remains always out of range of any weapon or voice-but if the players backtrack the route they’ve been on with any stealth, they might find corpses, all slain by a shinobi. Or a pursuit deflected. Or something much more sinister…

  5. Buzz says:

    A governor of some city hires the players to track down and destroy a certain kugutsu that knows a host of secrets that would get him killed. Players track the kugutsu to a out of the way teahouse full of Kugutsu. However all of them are ‘broken’ in some way, either they are physically mutalated, missing arms/legs/burned etc, or have gone insane in some way. The one they are searching for is intact, but hiding among them. Little to the player know, the governor has sent others to destroy the kugutsu as well.

  6. Yalborap says:

    The setting. Space Station Tenra, the largest and most prosperous station in humanity’s share of the cosmos.

    The scenario. The Cosmic Lord of the station, its highest leader, has been found dead, and the Court of Intelligence, an AI equivalent to the Priesthood, has no answers…Or is not revealing what they know.

    The players. As suspects for various reasons, they have to clear their names, find the real killer, and put a legitimate heir on the throne before it’s too late.

  7. Buzz says:

    In a previouslt hidden valley a scout finds a plentiful forest, and a team of experts is sent to evaluate the land. They don’t return, and the players are sent to figure out what happened. All or some might have died battle with oni. Are they really to blame, should the players side with them or return to report for monetary reward?

  8. zakueins says:

    While traveling through a city, the daughters of the head of rival dojos fall in love at first sight with one of the players. How this is played depends upon what the players and the GM wants to do-

    *COMEDY-One of the daughters is very “subtle” (i.e. poisoning the player and hiding the antidote in…ah, her Gates of Heaven) and plots accordingly. The other has all the subtlety of a samurai after a three day bender, with a toothache and will have NO problem at all with just whacking the player over the head and dragging him home with her. Neither daughter will let the other win, and having the player unable to perform for the other might just count as a win…
    *DRAMA-The daughters are in love with each other, but can’t show it. They’ve been offered to the sons of opposite dojo, but they know that they don’t want to marry them. They plan upon using this little “fight” to plan their escape-and the heads of the dojo might think the player was in on it!
    *TRAGEDY-Both daughters are in loveless marriages. They fixate on the player as a distraction, but what happens if the two of them realize they have truly fallen in love with the player?

  9. Doodenheimer says:

    A wail is heard coming from the north. Out of the ruins of Mount Jinrai comes a meikyo yoroi armour, a great armor in fact, one miraculously undamaged, if it was indeed there when the star hit. However, for whatever reason the armour’s riders–twin sisters–have fused with the great armour after their karma became too great, forming twin Asura confined to a great armour. Rampaging southwards, it crosses the ocean in order to simply destroy everything in sight. Bounties are raised, but no one is able to stop it. Once the PCs show interest in doing so for whatever reason they need, people come from the woodwork to try and convince the PCs to play it their way. A Northern regent wants the great armor salvaged if at all possible. A Southern regent wants to confine the twin Asura souls into a kongohki. Then there’s the priesthood, who for some reason seems all too eager to destroy the thing utterly, as if worried it might speak…

  10. Ryon L says:

    My one request is that at least one of the replays you post has an example of using a moment of truth.

  11. Brent says:

    I haven’t seen any books yet. How am I supposed to come up with ideas?

  12. Hiro says:

    Started a slow burn PBP with some friends that also backed the kickstarter, this is the short of the scenario I put together: The very prominent and well-liked Captain Genra of the court guard in Ouga’s capital suddenly goes rogue and kidnaps Suzune Toki, the younger sibling of Ouga’s Regent: Lady Amagahara Toki. This causes a flurry of political tension as well as concerns among the Northern Court; forcing even Genshi Houshi to take notice. Genra is planning to launch his own rebellion, hoping to wage war directly against the Northern Court and the Priesthood in general; having decided that they are the cause of Tenra’s history of war. PC’s get wrapped up together in trying to stop him/rescue Suzune.

    Could expound on that further, but that’s the general seed. I really like the set-up the players have going. One is a Samurai that was Suzune’s bodyguard and looked up to Genra before his sudden betrayal, another a half-ayakashi shinobi contracted to kill Genra by the Northern Court, another a wandering ayakashi hunter monk swept up in things as Genra’s forces threaten a small defenseless village and a Demon-of-Battle Annelidst just looking for a worthy opponent to die to.

  13. Sam G says:

    Not sure if posting on the Kickstarter was fine, or if you only wanted ideas on the blog, so I decided to repost my scenario here. Feel free to delete one of them.

    Several people – the players – are hired for their skills in order to protect a box with unknown contents as it is taken to a powerful regent. They are specifically told not to open it, on penalty of death. Lots of similar boxes with equally powerful people as guardians are also leaving the region to a variety of places. Several of them have already gone missing en route. The players are attacked by a powerful force along the way, and in the confusion the box opens up, revealing a defiant Kugutsu (possibly a player themselves). Looking inside the box, however, reveals almost a dozen more, all save the first in a state of unconsciousness. From there it is up to the players on what they should do with this incredible discovery.

  14. Shiro says:

    A group of battle-hardened kijin fight at the whims of their regent; they are sent to war without even once having seen their illustrious leader. I’m imagining one or two Kijin, a Kijin Shiki-Slinger, and a Kimen Armour pilot. This rough-and-ready squad must band together to face battlefield terrors such as Yoroi Armours and Kongohki, just looking to survive and pull through yet another war… Maybe they can also grasp glory and fortune on the way?

  15. themocaw says:

    A terrible Orochi has been awakened from years of slumber by the explosions and sounds of warfare. It is laying waste to entire cities. Only the Scroll of Annihilating Breath can stop the enormous fire breathing lizard from destroying the world, but at what cost?

  16. themocaw says:

    A kugutsushi has just finished an exquisite new bride for a young but honorable lord. Fearing foul play, he has chosen to have her travel to her new home incognito. He didn’t count on a local bandit group deciding at random to attack this particular cart…

  17. 3Jane says:

    Kagemusha! (See ). Also WATCH OUT SOME SPOILERS.

    A (male) kugutsu was created to be the double of a clan lord, to protect him against assasination attempts. However, for some reason the lord dies. The clan is in a precarious position – the chosen heir is too young, and if it was revealed the lord died then neighbouring clans would immediately start a war and try to take over. Therefore, the kugutsu is forced to play the role of the lord full time, until the heir can take over.

    Ideas for PCs:
    * the lord’s double – kugutsu. Will he serve the clan he was created and raised by, or will he take the chance of freedom? If he escapes, he’s still in danger, as the clan can’t afford for anyone to realise that there ever was a double, since this would call into question who the previous lord’s decisions were made by.
    * the lord’s bodyguard, a female samurai, fanatically loyal to the clan. Sick of her own weakness and desiring to best all the clan’s warriors, she made the ultimate sacrifice and was richly rewarded by the lord. She is also in love with the kugutsu, but now that he plays the lord fulltime, she cannot ever express it.

    Who else could be interesting…
    * the young heir, with secret connections to the neighbouring clan? Will he go through the marriage arranged by the kugutsu, or rebel and reveal the secret?
    * the older but spurned heir, trained to become an armour pilot? Does she come to love kugutsu as her father, or try to (possibly ineptly) take over herself?
    * the kugutsu maker?
    * a shinobi of a neighbouring clan that discovers the setup, but has good reasons not to reveal it immediately? perhaps discovers that she, herself, was created by the same kugutsu maker and considers herself a sibling of the lord’s double?

    (Mind you I didn’t read the books in full yet, it might be that TBZ can’t do this setup because it’s not necessarily a coherent adventurer party)

  18. Dave Weiss says:

    The war is not going well, and your lord has sent you to escort a diplomat to re-establish contact with a ninja clan in accordance with an ancient treaty.

  19. Thomas says:

    I have only glanced thru the pdf, so my terms may be off, but… Go back to some classics. Use the basic plot lines of Shakespeare’s Tempest, but twist it with anime-style plot changes. Have the pcs being washed ashore an unmarked island. One of them has previously upsurped and banished his brother (Prospero), who now can summon greater spirits (Arial). Prospero has escaped with a living doll, whom another PC falls in love with. Another entity or being (Caliban) plots behind the scenes to bring them all down.

  20. Joe Iglesias says:

    The province’s ailing Regent succumbs to hubris and deliberately has himself transformed into a kongohki after death, to rule his province from inside an immortal body. The Southern Priesthood and/or Phoenix sect order, hire, or manipulate the PCs into quickly and discreetly slaying this Regent before he sets a dangerous precedent. The only Onmyouji and Buddhist priests he trusts to perform the procedure and maintenance of his armoured body are his own children– will they remain loyal to their father or can they be turned against his blasphemy?

  21. Andy says:

    The players come across a village where kugutsu are created to kill, and then pitted against one another in underground gladiatorial combat. Why? Because the local leader is trying to produce the ultimate assassin (survival of the fittest) for purposes of his own…

  22. zakueins says:

    A member of the Southern Priesthood quietly contacts the PC and ask them for help. For some reason, a young girl-always a virgin, always very young-vanishes and nine months later a kugutsu maker releases a VERY high quality new female kugutsu. The young girl that vanished lately is a shrine maiden and a a very powerful (and jaided) lord is known to have commissioned a very special kugutsu…

    *The kugutsu maker is innocent, but there is an ayakashi nearby that is trying to perform some ritual in a horrible parody of pregnancy and birth…
    *The local lord has more…darker tastes than people suspect. But, the kugutsu maker knows about this-one of his daughters was one of the “delights” he sampled. He is secretly having his newest kugutsu trained by ninjas, as to kill the lord the night of receiving her. If the lord dies, however, the fight over his territory will set off a full scale war in the entire district.
    *The players keep running into another, older kugutsu maker that seems to show up when they’re trying to find out more about the kugutsu maker they’re looking for. The older kugutsu maker is the former master of the other, and fears that his apprentice may be delving into deep, dark arts.

  23. François Paré says:

    The lord of a remote fief hires several mercenaries to escort his daughter to a temple. When they show up for the job, they find out they’ll instead be escorting an ominous sarcophagus-like device containing the noble’s daughter. The girl had been secretly involved with the local annelidist nest for several years now, which was going well for her until she bit off more than she could chew and could no longer her hide activities from her father’s court. At that point she’s barely hanging on to her humanity, and her pious and supersitious father had her sealed up and ready to ship to a Shinto temple in hopes that they can purify her. Possible encounters on the way incliude kidnappers working for a rival lord who would reveal the girl’s secret to the populace to discredit her father, the annelidists who believe they could help her a lot more than the priests could and might try to take her by force, the girl herself who might break out of the sarcophagus and go on a rampage (which is why the noble is using mercs in the first place), or the father’s own agents, following at a safe distance, ready to put the girl, the mercs, and any other witnesses to sword and flame the moment things look like they might go south.

  24. Joe Iglesias says:

    Actually, on reflection I like mine better with a couple edits:

    An ailing Regent succumbs to hubris and has himself transformed into a kongohki after death, to rule his province from inside an immortal body. The Southern Priesthood and/or Phoenix sect are interested in quickly and discreetly eliminating this Regent before he sets a dangerous precedent. The only Onmyouji and Buddhist priests he trusts to perform the procedure and maintenance of his armoured body are his own children– will they remain loyal to their father or rebel against his blasphemy?

    Much better! Plenty of room for players to choose to play pretty much any of the characters or representatives of the factions involved. Even playing the Regent might be fun, but I guess you better have a real high Station…

  25. Hiro says:

    Pardon the second post, but consider this a revision on my plot seed regarding the renegade Samurai named Genra. Players all suggested I just share our OOC thread because I have a more detailed write-up that includes stuff like dates (derived off the example timeline) and village/city names along with some example ideas for the various Archetypes and how they might get involved with the scenario. Will just link it in my name on here.

    Loving all these scenario ideas~

  26. Blake Wertz says:

    Cast: The party should consist mostly of outcast type characters. Samurai are perfect, as are anneledists, rogue kongohki, and other disenfranchised/suspicious types. If one of the players wishes to play a kugutsu, it is recommended that they be encouraged to play the one discussed in the plot, as this should enhance the tension and create some potential elements of intra-party tension at the climatic decision.

    While traveling, a PC, or group of PCs is approached by a veiled man using the (blatantly suspicious) pseudonym of Hebi, who claims to be familiar with his/her past exploits, and offered a job. Hebi explains that the Ryoushou of this province, and the Ryoushou of the neighboring province have heard rumors that a local kugutsushi, lacking in renown, is about to unveil a particular masterpiece: A kugutsu which is a kugutsu maker herself. Entranced by the rumors of the kugutsu, both Ryoushou have taken steps to secure the marionette as their own, and may soon choose to go to war over her. Hebi explains that such a war would ruin both provinces, and hires the character(s) to kidnap the kugutsu on behalf of the local lord and remove the cause of the war from the conflict entirely.

    Meanwhile, another PC traveling through the neighboring province, is approached by a woman who also calls herself Hebi. Offering much the same, she promises the player extravagant rewards to kidnap the kugutsu on behalf of her lord.

    The players, offered more and more money until they accept, should find that their plans to kidnap the kugutsu bump into each other (ideally as they try to actually grab the girl), bringing the group together. After some initial tension, the suspicious similarity of both side’s circumstances should hint that they’ve been set up.

    At this point, the group should find their escape with the kugutsu cut off. Groups of soldiers from one or both sides seek to ambush the kidnappers seeking to “steal the kugutsu for that other lord”. Fighting their way free, the players are forced into a desperate retreat, pursued by soldiers from both factions, and more surprisingly by both Hebi, who seem to be working together.

    Eventually, the players should find themselves cornered, or cornering Hebi depending on how they play the scenario. At this point the truth will come out. Both Hebi are shinobi in service of the Kabane of this area. Fearing the potential power of both lords, he used the PCs as pawns to convince each vassal lord that the other is seeking to escape with the kugutsu. In truth, while there was a small risk of war before, the PCs have been used to transform that risk of a small conflict into a matter of treachery. Each lord would lose face if they allowed the other to so easily steal away ‘their’ kugutsu. In doing so, the players have unwittingly served as the trigger for a much larger war than they sought to prevent. Now all that remains is for the Hebis to dispose of the characters and abscond with the kugutsu, removing all evidence that could clear up the matter.

    After fighting off the shinobi, the characters are left with a final choice. Do they return the kugutsu to be auctioned off normally and try to explain themselves to both lords risking their own deaths? Run away with her and risk starting a war that could cost thousands of lives? Or perhaps the players are clever enough to think of a third solution that escapes from the problem on their own.

    Variations: If a character has any strong feelings regarding the priesthood, recasting both Hebi’s as agents of the shinto church starting a conflict on behalf of that organization is quite viable.

  27. Philip says:

    A very short “dungeon crawl” to help illustrate the rules in a context that most gamers are familiar with. This could be along the lines of a Tony Dowler one-page wonder.

  28. Philip says:

    …to illustrate my post above:

    The party has been (hired/commanded) by a (daimyo/wealthy merchant/mysterious benefactor) to retrieve a (powerful sword/soul mirror/annelid strain/mecha) from an ancient research facility that was buried in the cataclysm of (insert cool name here).

  29. Ryan says:

    How about a spirit of an ancient samurai has been awakened, and has possessed a citizen’s body. He has acted upon Kirisute Gomen, and the local authorities have dispatched multiple guards to bring him in. Each time it ends in violence and the body is destroyed, but the spirit goes on to possess another individual (but always with some similar physiology: a typ of moustache, a certain height, a specific style of tatto, etc.)
    The characters were approached by a Daimyo’s son about capturing what he believes to be this ancient spirit or finding a way to appease it (the initial meeting with the son should make clear that he has this physical distinction).
    As the characters find the currently possessed individual, there is another clue about the physical distinction. Even though they may try to subdue the victim, something goes wrong and the victim is killed (a shuriken out of nowhere, a lucky shot by an angry civilian, etc.).
    The spirit now hops to the Daimyo’s son.
    The Characters must find a way to preserve the son and exorcise/appease/communicate with the spirit, which may lead to another quest.

  30. KreenWarrior says:

    A renegage Shinto agent develops an annelid strain that turns people into mutant zombie monsters and is using it as a weapon of mass destruction. Another Shinto agent hires the PCs to stop him

  31. Christopher Sulat says:

    A local lord has commissioned a famed kugutsushi to create him the “perfect” bride. The PC’s have been hired to safeguard the kugutsushi while he searches the ancient forest for the perfect tree.

    A rival lord sends out a special task force (probably ninja) to stop the PC’s.

    Of course, the tree itself is sacred and thus protected by an Ayakashi guardian spirit.


    Fun ideas for this scenario:

    – The ninja task force should be a colourful mix of characters not unlike the Kuze-shu or the five from Kasumidani mentioned in the setting book.

    – Perhaps the ninja task force already has some past rivalry with the PC’s.

    – Did the rival lord send the ninja out of jealousy in order to kill the kugutsushi or was he trying to stop the PC’s from angering the potentially very dangerous Ayakashi spirit?

    – Will the PC’s bring down the Ayakashi on their own? Will they end up working with the enemy ninja against the greater foe? Will the PC’s decide that the Ayakashi is too dangerous and have to deal with the consequences of disappointing their employer?

    – I am sure you can think of lot’s more cool things.

  32. Blake Wertz says:

    The Oni Hunt: While traveling, the PCs stumble upon a large festival sponsored in a small village by the local lord. Upon investigating they discover the town filled with an eclectic mix of mercenaries and strangers. The PCs should discover that the lord has sponsored this festival as the precurser to a massive Oni hunt, seeking to eliminate a large pack of the ‘beasts’ found near the village before they can bring anyone harm. Initially the PCs should not know the truth about Oni, and are lured to join the hunt for promises of riches or to save the innocent townfolk from the monsters. Eventually, a chance encounter with an Oni child should convince at least some of the party that this is wrong. From there, the task of stopping the hunt before the Oni are wiped out falls to the PCs. Do they negotiate with the local lord, help the Oni escape, try to spread the truth of the matter, or chart some other course? There are many ways this could end.

  33. Jason L says:

    A shadow organization behind one of Tenra largest trading groups had been secretly breeding the perfect children for their specially built Armours in an attempt to conquer the world. The last of these children was born 14 years ago, but a traitor in the group smuggled the child away along with the Armour, and his been in hiding until recently.

    The Shinto Priesthood has sent agents to claim the child and Armour, as have a couple rival nations. The players are hired to protect the child, and find themselves in the middle of a hunt, with Shinto agents, teams of Shinobi and members of the shadow organization’s attack groups coming out of the woodwork.

  34. Craig says:

    A village is being harassed by bandits. A priestess is sent out to look for warriors to defend the village.

    A secret organization has been running an on-demand kidnapping and imprisoning service. The characters are all victims who must escape, find out what they can about the organization, and figure out who paid to have them imprisoned and why.

    A mysterious stranger shows up at a run down apartment complex fleeing from a violent gang. The situation escalates when some of the apartment residents turn out to be more than capable of defending themselves.

    Mysterious events have been happening around the city. A connection is made to new clothes from a particular merchant. That merchant just received a new shipment of silk cloth. The silk came from a reclusive mountain village. Could something be affecting the silk worms? Could the silk have come from something else? Could this all be a fake trail and something is going on?

    A rich young lord is preparing for their coronation. As part of the ceremony a giant status is being built. There have been some mysterious deaths around the statue. Is an ayakashi involved? Is there some plot going on?

  35. Blake Wertz says:

    A shinobi, closely resembling the PC with the highest station rating, has recently assassinated the local regent. The obvious ensues and the PC finds a startlingly large bounty on his innocent head. Now the protagonists find themselves pursued by all manner of bounty hunters, military forces and even the shinobi’s old comrades trying to figure out why he actually did that. The PCs are led on a zany chase through all manner of odd areas. Have ambushes pop up in the most unlikely/inconvenient moments. (In a hot spring, just as the the onmyoji thinks he’s about to seduce the innkeeper’s daughter, or in the middle of another ambush are all good moments.)

  36. Blake Wertz says:

    A vision (whether genuine, hallucination, mischevious ayakashi or of some other origin depends on the genre of the game) of the Buddha appears before the monk PC, telling him to journey to a land far to the West and retrieve the true scriptures to help bring salvation to the lands of Tenra. Along the way the monk finds himself saddled with an ‘eccentric’ group of ‘disciples’ that don’t really seem to get the whole Buddhism thing. For bonus points, have one of them be a monkey Henge.

  37. 3Jane says:

    1. An annelidist Nest is running a gambling den in a small town. (After all, one has to live off something, not every annelidist wants to be a healer and some annelids enhance reflexes… Also, gambler’s tattoos are great for disguising the movement of worms under skin.) Unfortunately, a new travel route connecting this town to a larger city causes the city gangs to become interested in the town. The gangs want to take over the town. Will the Nest give up and move, defend its territory on their own, or join forces with one of the gangs?

    Suggested archetypes: annelidists and anyone that is an outcast/criminal, but possibly lower-powered: homeless kijin veterans hired as guards (after all annelidists don’t want to advertise their special abilities at all, or everyone would realise they may sometimes cheat), escaped kugutsu and maybe kongohki.

    2. A Buddhist temple next to a village shelters a group of healer annelidists. The monks treat annelidists with compassion, seeing in them noble spirited people who despite their terrible infection and resulting ostracism tried to alleviate suffering of others. Recently, a threat to the monastery and neighbouring villages appeared:

    a) a large group of bandits, many of them deserters from a recent battle, suffering from hunger, desire to make these villages their permanent base and the villagers – their slaves. The bandits will certainly contain many kijin and possibly some kimen armours. Did they find the monastery on their own, or is there a (rogue?) shinto priest whispering hints into the ears of would-be band leaders?

    b) a local lord desires the eldest monk, whose wisdom is widely praised, to join his court and advise on the local affairs (which are going badly – the province is suffering from famine after several years of bad crops, but the lord needs to squeeze out more tax money for his army, quick). Unfortunately, the monk is the head of the Nest, infected with Immortality Strain and disfigured through the process of implantation – not someone who could show up at the court. Does the lord know about this and is gaining control of the annelids his ultimate goal?

    Suggested archetypes: actually all should fit. Buddhist monks (from the monastery or wandering), annelidists (from the monastery or visiting), Shinto priests (local to the village or visiting), kijin (villagers, veterans from the war who came back home), oni (villagers), shinobi (villagers), kongohki and samurai (wandering, amnesiac, homeless veterans). Most archetypes could also fit as the lord’s messengers/welcome party (kongohki bodyguards, kugutsu courtiers, Shinto priests keeping their finger on the pulse, annelidits court doctor etc).

  38. Slayer_Requiem says:

    Alternate Modern Day: In a world where magic, and fantastic powers are concealed just beneath the surface by the many facets of religions in the world (All were once one sect, one religion. Now all are their own, and have their own way.) In this world a group of high school students (who may or may not be already involved with the world beneath the veil), must fight to stop a criminal group of supernatural beings from unleashing a relic of the past with power great enough to topple the balance of the world.

    The catch is this group is all made up of members of their school! Friends, Loved ones, siblings, anyone could be a part of this shadowy group of supernatural criminals all bent on taking control of this ancient power.

  39. Krivvin says:

    Feudal Japan: In a secluded remote valley, there is a village hidden within that is home to the Kerensukii Ninja clan. Disaster strikes. Scouts report that Rafu, a legendary monstrous beast, is rampaging on its way to the valley and towards the hidden village. Quickly, the young head of the clan, Kerensukii Jio, assembles all available forces for a counterassault.

    The fighting force, Genin, are separated off under the leadership of captains: Chuunin. While, the officers, Jounin, oversea and devise tactics for taking down this terrifying force that is on a path that will take it through the very heart of the village.

    Little do they know that this is no random disaster, but a villainous plot by the sorcerer, Hyoichi Damio, against the clan head: Jio. The fate and destinies of these two became intertwined when Jio interfered in the plot of the sorcerer’s attempt to subjugate a distant domain. Damio controls Rafu from the shadows.

    A gigantic dragon-like thing that causes an eclipse when conscious. Based on a Hindu/Buddhist God called Rahu. From a distance, it’d probably look like a -massive- shadow with completely white eyes, and a gnarly looking toothfilled maw. Of course, its back would be covered in horns and stuff. Up close, it’d obviously not be a shadow though. Maybe extremely deep green scales or something, slightly lighter underside. Long tail covered in spikes, most of them probably broken from using it to hit things.

    These are the typical mystical ninja with a range of specialties that can be taken from characters like Hayabusa Ryū. Particularly, Kerensukii Jio is heavily inspired by Ryū. He can run on walls and water, perform a wide variety of stealth and infiltration skills, and master of any and all weaponry.

    There’s also those that can do more mystical stuff like turning invisible, shooting fireballs, etc. This is from stuff that I messed around with while playing AD&D2e as I used the Complete Ninja’s Handbook to make Jio.

    In short, this is inspired by a scenario that happened with my character, Jio. That would be fun in a more structured and focused event. Basically, the characters play some role in turning back a rampaging Tarrasque. There’s a number of ways that could be used to stop the beast.

  40. Wandering Blade says:

    This idea came about by reading about Geisha and other high class courtesan culture in Japan, and about pleasure quarters in Kyoto, it turns out these courtesans actually wielded a lot of power and influence and were trend setters in the city, and these quarters were quite independent and kind of its own little world, when they held festivals they had banners with the symbol of the quarter as a mon, and the women used the name of the houses they worked for as surname.

    So they a pleasure quarter was like territory and like a major clan, and the pleasure houses in that quarter were like vassal clans.

    So the idea is that there is a war between two pleasure quarters in a big, important city, these separate quarters were once a single one, built around a Buddhist temple or Shinto Shrine (this was actually apparently common in Japan), but as the city grew they became two separate ones on both sides of a river.

    One of the quarters is very conservative and traditional, very classical japanese, it focus on more high class entertainment like music, dance, poetry, etc and tends to the nobility mostly, the leader of this faction is Kugutsu, whose appearance is described to those who see her as “a living poem” she appears very young and innocent, but is incredibly smart and manipulative, and while not necessarily evil she sees things from the point of view of an undying living doll whose sole purpose is to preserve beauty and high culture.

    The second quarter is more crazy and wild, way more cyberpunk, with neon and ronin and gamblers is like Kabuki-cho in modern day tokyo, with day-glo geisha, very gaudy and pinkish is very popular with the emerging merchant class and with ronin and others vagrants, its leader is a beautiful woman but one full of melancholy and a sad past, she has some Kijin implants like a machine gun arm and an eye patch, she fights to lift the downtrodden from oppression and give them their day in the sun, but she is probably on her own vendetta.

    At first is a shadow war, trying to influence important members of the community to favor their own quarter, trying to use underhanded methods to damage each other, and secretly they are accumulating armies, hiring ninja and samurai, getting kijin and armours, stuff like that, but later this will escalate into an all out war that will destabilize the city, as different power players support one quarter or the other, the different priesthood factions will back one quarter or the other.

    Characters could be random wanderers who get involved in the Yojimbo game of trying to play the conflict to their own benefit, maybe their agents of some power like the the priesthood send manipulate the conflict on one direction, or perhaps just happen to be people involved with either quarter, like entertainers working there, or characters hired by that quarter, anyway it would be cool to have characters on both sides of the conflict, to get the full story and perhaps some inter party conflict.

    it is meant to be a very gonzo, very tongue in cheek game, inspired by crazy japanese movies as robo geisha and mutant girl squad, and all of those anime that re imagine the sengoku era characters as girls.

  41. Jason L says:

    The characters are investigating the mysterious operations of the Kasa Zaibatsu…

  42. Graham Hanna says:

    Seems pretty late, but I just had an idea for something I might try out sometime:

    Naval warfare on Tenra! The PCs are on a Submarine!

    The idea would be a campaign taking place at sea, with the PCs crewing a Yoroi submarine. Various PC roles could include working out firing solutions for the Shiki torpedoes, a pilot and a sonar/lifepulse operator working together to hunt down enemy shipping and avoid detection by warships, a ship’s doctor, an Onmyoji on damage control, etc. Exciting scenes could include avoiding depth charges, surfacing to board enemy vessels for intense melee combat, and seeing the interaction of the crew as they are confined together over a long period. I see the sub’s systems being controlled by interface-trained triplets who take shifts at the soul mirror. Their parents would want them to keep up their studies, and they’d be under tremendous stress, so keeping them happy and dealing with their needs and their servants would be another part of the crew’s duty, if the players don’t choose one of themselves to interface with the mirror.

  43. Joliet Jay says:

    So I’m somewhat responsible for the best worst idea. A buddy of mine is looking to run a Tenra game. Said he wanted to do a safe cracking heist type game. I’m like awesome, I had come up with an art of war based on thieving and pickpocketing, which he approved cuz hes cool like that. Anyway were talking about it with the group and another player is looking to play an Armour pilot. My crazed mind makes an odd connection which i mention. We could make this a Blues Brothers campaign. and we proceed to paraphrase blues brothers quotes at each other including

    “It’s got a Shinto motor, a 440 cubic inch plant, it’s got Shinto tires, Shinto suspensions, Shinto shocks. It’s a model made before catalytic converters so it’ll run good on regular Heartgem. What do you say, is it the new Bluesmobile or what?”

    All in good fun right, until the GM says he thinks hes gonna run with it. It’s Likely Im gonna be playing Blues Brothers in Tenra.

    I kinda think it is better then the assassination attempt the group thwarted in the game i ran. Though a swordmaster Assault Konghoki made for an awesome boss fight.

  44. The MadPanda, FCD says:

    Okay, a bit late to the party, but thanks to the fan-submitted archetypes (way to go, Jason Miller! Those look great!) my evil little bamboo-fueled brain is churning away on what might just be the closest Tenra can come to an ‘exotic harem’ romantic comedy.

    Take one Person From Another Place, plunk the poor kid down in the middle of some random piece of real estate, add one Kugutsu War Maiden, a Succubus, a Young Kitsune, possibly a Werecat or an Oni, and a Shinobi. Add in some meddling Shinto Agent’s cryptic hints about the lad’s destiny being the destruction of Local Bad Guy Boss Type…and turn ’em loose.

    Still in the planning stages, here, but two things I think would need to be understood at the table before play starts. One, there will be no romantic resolution until after the boss fight, and probably not even then. Two, the girls’ rivalry for our displaced kid’s hand ought to be a source of light moments to counter the otherwise serious nature of the plot…so should not prevent teamwork.

    (In the back of my noggin, I suspect that the whole thing is the brainchild of a rogue Shinto Agent who has an agenda that neither Northern nor Southern Courts would enjoy. But that’s one of those long-term plot-arc kind of things.)

    Have put out some feelers to a couple of folks saner than I for assistance and pre-attempt debugging.

    (Obviously, one would just switch a few archetypes around if someone wants the poor displaced student to be a girl. Maybe there’s a boy-type kugutsu around? And an Incubus. And…)

  45. Fanfan says:

    It’s a prequel about Lucky Luke the famous Cowboy !

    Lucky Luke have not always been the good cowboy we all know. he has a dark past and had to learn painfully that vengance is not a solution.

    to redem himself he finally decides to help the orphans and the widow never asking for anything in return.

    That is how Lucky Luke becomes the good cowboy we all know.

    It’s a revisiting of the lucky luke story, Nolan style.

  46. Shineek says:

    The Year 2900 , Shinto never joined together , no , it got far worse . Both courts hated each other , for the other courts ways of doing “things” . Soon then Southern Court does something unpredictable , the North Courts Empress is assasinated and at the same time a lot of North Shinto domains are attacked and taken by force as the new territory for Southern Shinto . A war starts between both Courts . The Players will join one of the sides of the conflict as Kuze Shu Special Task Force . They missions can vary from protecting the city or Palace , Preventing assasinations , doing sabotage missions behind enemy lines or to try to assasinate an important General or Strategist . They can also play less fighting storys based on espionage . This is more of a setting idea than a scenario .

    BTW : I was checking out sample character sheets for SRS games to help me out a little with my SRS based RPG im trying to make , and i checked out the Tenra War character sheet . It seems the game cut out a lot of good stuff , there is no wound track and dead box anymore , i saw karma but didnt see any fates , but something called life path , but dosent seem to be the same . There is also a big difference on how much your character can move in one turn , in TBZ it was agix10 in TW its based on your level and attributes , but still with high attributes you have 20-30 meters per round , and in TBZ you could even have 100 meters per round . Also there are 6 attributes , theyve cut out station and empathy and added luck .

    BTW2 , also seems like some ppl do a fan translation of Sword World 2.0 , the first book seems translated in 70-80% or more .

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