More Materials!

Posted: 3rd December 2012 by Diamond Sutra in Production, Support

If you’re a backer, check out the latest public report!

There’s another update of Tenra materials on the support page:

Including: Form-fillable sheets, revised and complete sample character sheets (two types; one-page and two-page), a downloadable Emotion Matrix, the Session Log Sheet, and updated fan contributions (including Elemental Archetypes!).

Also, in some free time, I’ve been posting a podcast with Matt Sanchez about Japanese TRPGs over at . The second one will be coming this week, keep an eye over there!

  1. Shiro says:

    Yay, stuff! On the Session Log Sheet, each character only has room for six Fates plus a Destiny, whereas the maximum is seven Fates plus a Destiny… The tips at the bottom are displaying as gibberish in my browser, but are OK when opened in Acrobat.

  2. Yep: This is a recreation of the same sheet in Japanese. Ultimately having “the first six” should be fine for most games.

    I’ve noticed on some sheets opening them in programs like Apple’s “Preview” looks off, but actual Acrobat Reader (or Acroread for web) is fine.


  3. Joliet Jay says:

    Elemental arts of war now has a bunch of awesome extra bits, however no longer have the elemental arts of war themselves, just a heads up.

  4. Yeah, fixing that today: I got confused, and replaced the Elemental Arts of War with the Elemental Archetypes. I’ll be reposting the original when I get home tonight. Thanks!

  5. Welding says:

    Hey Andy!

    After watching the anime Katanagatari, I was inspired by your attempt to turn swordstyles from Samurai Champloo into Arts of War, and decided to do the same for Katanagatari.

    So, the question.
    Where can we send our fan supplements so you can have a look at them?

  6. When you’re done, send them to “ziggurat” at gmail. Thanks!

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