The Proofs are In!

Posted: 28th December 2012 by Diamond Sutra in Production

Hey all, a sort of mini-update on the Tenra project.

Luke received the print proofs from our printer, and snapped some pictures. He’s completed the layout review, he’s express-mailing the proof to me (arrives Monday!) to do the content review, and if everything passes we press the GO button (and if it doesn’t pass, we fix and get another set of proofs, for another +2 weeks or so).

So, iPhone camera and all that, but still. If the new WordPress is working correctly, you should be able to click on the pics to see the full version:

slipcaseThe slipcase mechanic for the softcovers. This is what will be on the shelf of your local game store.

settingThe cover (front and back) of the Setting Book. We used key female art to accentuate the cover here.


The cover of the Rules Book. Likewise, we used male art for this cover.


This is the cover for the limited edition hardcover Setting book. It is apparently “ridic sick”, according to Luke.

hardcover_rulesSame, for the Rules book. I love the abstract-ness of these covers. They really scream “limited edition”. They’ll only be available to Kickstarter backers, direct purchases, and a very few retail stores (Atomic Empire in NC, Endgame Oakland in CA, Game Kastle in CA, Alpha Entertainment in Denmark, Tabletop Cafe Daydream in Japan (possibly Role and Roll), and Sphaerenmeisters Spiele auf Deutschland!).

I’ll have more pics in a few days when the proofs arrive, as well as more information about the other supplements/rewards!


  1. Poru Record says:

    Will you send a notice out regarding the direct purchases?

  2. Yep, when it comes time to announce pre-orders and direct purchases, believe me you won’t be able to escape from those announcements!

  3. darkonezero says:

    Some sweet looking covers which scream “Check this out!”

  4. zakueins says:

    Stunning! Glad to finally see the final results of the years of waiting. 😉

  5. thatmocaw says:

    Holy crap the hardcover proofs are freaking ACE. Esp. the Heart Engine and Meikyo Mirror on the back cover. . .

  6. Shineek says:

    Hmm… maybe its time to start a Tenra Bansho Forum for the ppl to share ideas or ask questions when they have problems , i have one problem right now with the sample characters , ive recounted the karma usage and in most cases they use less karma than written on the sample character , and in shinobi case its a lot lot more then its written , it says 80 karma but the total is 190 , substracting 15 and once more 15 , cause its two archetypes and 10 more cause of 1 atribute cost and it still gives 150 karma . Are there any rules omitted ?

  7. The only problem with the Shinobi character as originally listed is that it had Melee Weapons instead of Stealth, everything else adds up.

    Shinobi Karma: 35 (this was an issue too: On all other templates the “equip cost” was built in, but on the Shinobi it was by itself, to which you would add the 20 for Dark Arts)
    Shinobi’s Dark Arts (+4): 20
    Thief: 25
    Total: (35 + 25 + 20) = 80

    Notice and Marksman skills are 4 dots because those are granted by the Ninjutsu’s path (“Use Ninjutsu for another skill)

    The attribute cost of 1 was used to buy Melee Weapons to 3.

    Therefore, I think the only thing wrong with that is that it has Unarmed Combat: 3 for “free”. Will add that to the errata.

    Not sure how you came up with 190??? :-)

  8. Shineek says:

    Mh shinobi sample character has 3 skills on level 4 , so its 35 times 4 and it already is 105 karma . 2 more skills who add each 5 karma , and i think 3 skills on level 3 so its 15 points each .

  9. Shineek says:

    Okay heres how it looks Unarmed Combat (3) , Movements (3) , Melee Weapons (3) , criminal arts (2) , Marksman (4) , Notice (4) , Forgery (2) , Pursuit (3) , Ninjutsu (4) .

    Second Level skills cost 5 karma , third level 15 karma , and fourth level 35 karma ,
    so its
    (3×35)+(4×15)+(2×5) = 105 + 60 + 10 = 175 on skills only , + 20 from dark arts on level 4

  10. Ahhh, I see. You’re looking at an entirely optional rule set: The optional “Make Your Own Archetype” rules. Those are only to be used if you want to make your own archetype from scratch because you have an idea in your mind that you don’t see in the rules already.

    Note: Those rules were not even in the original game! They were actually listed later in an article in a magazine (written by the rules author), for the folks that wanted to create their own archetypes. However, I thought they were cool (and easy to translate!) so I went ahead and translated that article and included it in the core book, but also note that I made sure to indicate that those are optional rules. From P416:

    “However, these optional rules will allow experienced players or game masters to craft their own original archetypes for play. Please make sure to play the game as-is a few times before experimenting with new or original archetypes.”

    Also, note that those optional rules come *after* the huge section on existing archetypes.

    I didn’t specifically call out the fact that if you tried to basically “reskin” the existing archetypes as optional archetypes that the cost is actually higher, but that’s the way they are: The existing archetypes have everything you need to play, but if you feel the need to create a new one, it will cost you significantly more to create a new one than to use an existing one.

    The only time I ever created one myself was just when I experimented with creating a “Blind Swordsman” archetype (ala Zatoichi). Basically it had two skills, Melee Weapons at Master, Notice (“hearing”) at Advanced, and a new Fate.

    And again, the Marksman/Notice at 4 are not actually new skills given to the Shinobi, it’s just that because of the Ninja technique rules, the ninjas of that school can substitute their Ninjutsu score for Marksman and Notice (and it’s just easier to mark in those boxes on the sheet because new players might get confused).

    So yeah, that’s where the confusion was: Just use the Shinobi archetypes (Shinobi, Thief) and don’t think of it as a single whole archetype.


  11. Shineek says:

    Hm well thanks , i have to original books , but i dont understand japanese so i couldnt compare it in there . Still i think forum would be nice , if you want i can help moderating it . And i think others will also gladly help in moderating those forums , not to mention they would help a lot to share fan materials .

  12. Hey Shineek! There is an “official-ish” forum of sorts, the G+ Community for Kotodama Heavy Industries:

    However, feel free to post a question at or , as those sites have many other players on them (and is a great way to connect to other players too).


  13. Jason Miller says:

    This conversation sparked some investigation on my part. The Shinobi character’s Karma was correct but I found some oddities with a few others.

    Samarai is 5 to high:

    Karma: 85
    Hard Luck: 5
    Samurai: 45
    Kabukimono: 15
    Playboy: 15

    Kugetsu war maiden is 5 to high:
    Karma: 70
    Kugutsu: 20
    Swordmaster: 30
    Concubine: 15

    I feel like I’m missing something here since they are off by the same amount.

    As a side note MOST of the archetypes in the book are the same karma as if you made them by hand using the optional rules. Sadly I checked.

  14. Shineek says:

    Yes i saw that too , still i dont know how you calculated it that the shinobi karma is okay , when i calculated it again with i saw its as well off , but not 150 or so , it was 85 or 90 karma so it was 5-10 points off as well .
    And yeah no matter how you look at it , either archetypes or sample characters are still made with the optional rules for creating a new archetype . But this is a should be a discussion for a forum , we shouldnt spam here , cause this entry isint even related to those questions . I didnt really mean to start a discussion bout it here , i just wanted to point out an idea for a Tenra Bansho only forums .

  15. Shineek says:

    Okay ive made a calculation of the samurai sample class . It seems you missed one point , there is one more skill added , that you dont get from the 4 archetypes , and some other are exchanged cause the double , but this dosent cost any karma . The thing thats takes the 5 karma is the one added skill , its Evasion on level 2 that was added to this sample character , this adds additional 5 points of karma as it says in the optional archetypes creation rules .

    Ill check the rest of the ones you mentioned here , but i think it will be with the same result , you can check it yourself . Also ive asked some japanese friends who play this game too , and they say it as well , that the shinobi sample character is way off , with less karma than it should have used . But oh well as Diamond Sutra said the optional rules are optional (altough they still work with all existing archetypes) , so who know what did the makers think when they made that sample character .

  16. Wandering says:

    I missed out on the chance to back the Kickstarter, and I’m really excited to see what TBZ is all about. Are you planning on holding off on selling PDF copies until the books go out, or is there a chance that they’ll be available sooner?

  17. Jason Miller says:

    Shinobi archetyp= 55 Karma

    Thief archetype= 25 Karma

    25+55= 80

    Shinobi Sample Character Karma = 80

    It’s correct. I can’t make it any more clear then this.

    As for the extra skill on the samurai; It’s paid for with the attribute cost. You can’t buy extra skills with karma.

    @Wandering: Andy is going to have preorder’s for the books up in about a month. I’m not as certain about the PDF.

  18. Shineek says:

    Yes if you count it that way , but i meant the optional rules , no matter how you look at it , all sample characters and archetypes are made with those rules as well , the only exception is the shinobi who has a little more karma than 80 . The rest have as much karma as written out , you can count it with the sample archetype creation rule , you will see for yourself that the optional rules work for them as well (not including shinobi as said it has more karma than 80) .

  19. Jason Miller says:

    …Using the optional rules equals the same thing; a sample shinobi with 80 karma. Remember the rules you are talking about are for making archetypes; not full characters. Using them to check a fully created character doesn’t work.

    Example: What happens if when the character was created the player sacrificed an attribute point to gain two rank 2 skills? Using the optional rules would make you off by 10 karma.

  20. Jason Miller says:

    If you wanted to use those rules to check the sample shinobi character you would use them to check if the archetype that make up the character are correct.

    Both the Thief and Shinobi add up correctly; therefore the karma is correct.

    That is literally all there is to checking the karma because very few other things effect starting karma. Besides the archetypes all I can think of are certain weapons and items.

  21. Shineek says:

    no its incorrect cause off 15 additional soulgems that cost 3 karma points and theyre not counted in

  22. Heya Wandering: Sorry, I was traveling:

    I missed out on the chance to back the Kickstarter, and I’m really excited to see what TBZ is all about. Are you planning on holding off on selling PDF copies until the books go out, or is there a chance that they’ll be available sooner?

    The PDF will be available earlier before the books, both standalone and with physical book preorder sets.

  23. Jason Miller says:

    ? Now I’m just confused. What are you referring to? The Sample Shinobi has no additional soulgems and if you were talking about a different archetype you would notice that I said “certain weapons and items” add to karma in my last comment.

  24. Jason Miller says:

    Sorry. That last comment was @Shineek.

    Having fun in Japan Andy?

  25. Shineek says:

    Your statement is a little off , how can he not have fun in japan ? 😛

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