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Posted: 10th March 2013 by Diamond Sutra in General, Production, Support

So, the book’s not out yet, of course, but a lot of folks had the chance to review the Tenra PDF.

Turns out there’s some folks out there who have been doodling around with Tenra Bansho fan art.

Feel free to post such fan art wherever you want. Your enthusiasm is totally awesome. Do as much as you want!

Anyway, I’m putting together the last of the “Director’s Cut Book”, which was one of the TBZ backer things over on the Kickstarter project: Basically a random collection of thoughts and backgrounds on the game, in a real cheap “zine” format, with a few pieces of interspersed art and the like submitted by my friend Steve, a technical artist who was inspired to draw some stuff for the game.

Well, I’m just putting the book together now, and have room for some art. If anyone wants to submit any kind of Tenra-related art (serious, comical, detailed, sketch, stick figures or life art; whatever), feel free to post it!

The deadline is one week from now, March 17th (Sunday), so that I can spend that next week prepping it for print.

The art you submit will only be going into the TBZ Director’s Cut book, I won’t be reusing it anywhere else, laying any claim to it, etc. And the Director’s Cut book is a zine-line collection of about 30-40 pages of design notes about the game, given to the KS backers (in PDF and print format, depending on the level they supported the game). I will likely have extras that I’ll be selling at conventions or online and stuff, for the price of (“Printing Costs” + $1.00 USD), likely $4-5: Not making any real money off this thing, so I’m not asking friends and fans to pad my wallet or anything like that.

I just happen to have an opening that I can fill with a little art, and seeing if anyone out there is interested in contributing!

1) Just post a link to the piece of art in the comments here.
2) Please print the name you want to be credited as (real/pseudonym/etc)
3) If you want me to print a link, like to your online gallery or something, list that as well.
4) Finally, just print something like this: “It’s okay to use this picture for the TBZ Director’s Cut Book”. Just so everything is cool and clear.

Finally, anyone who contributes: I’ll be sending you a copy of the Director’s Cut book in physical format when it’s ready at no cost to you, even if you didn’t contribute to the KS at a level that granted you one. It’ll be my thank you for your contribution.

  1. Craig Judd says:


    Please credit as Craig “Shiro Kuro”Judd.

    It’s okay to use this picture for the TBZ Director’s Cut Book. Let me know if you want a higher-res version!

  2. shineek says:

    Wow the art looks great . I cant draw , but i cant wait to see more fan arts , i on my end will go and end working on my shinto specialist archetype , i still need to make some mechanics , for now i dont know if i should add some new mechanic or use as a arts of war . Other than that i dont have much time working on my own RPG based on Standard RPG System by F.E.A.R. (its the system used in Alshard series and Tenra War)

  3. Skywalker says:

    Awesome Craig. I also love the Kugutsu.

  4. shineek says:

    BTW this oni shinobi is either really small or thats not a katana but a nodachi , and a long one at it too 😛 .

  5. TheFin says:

    http://i812.photobucket.com/albums/zz48/commander_blackheart/Nobu_zps4c38f2ba.png HALF-AYAKASHI SHINOBI SENT OUT TO ASSASSINATE A ROGUE EMPEROR


    http://i812.photobucket.com/albums/zz48/commander_blackheart/rinnosuke_zps4e2921bc.png AYAKASHI-HUNTER FORMER MONK WITH A SELF-MADE PROMISE TO PROTECT A LITTLE GIRL’S INNOCENT LIFE

    Just credit these to TheFIN, and uh… link to this website if that’s alright: http://hyakujihigh.net/index/

    That’s where a couple of friends showed me Tenra~

    And yeah, it’s alright to use these pictures for the TBZ Director’s Cut book.

  6. Craig Judd says:

    “That’s no dachi, that’s a daikatana!” XD Yes, it’s supposed to be a nodachi.

  7. shineek says:

    Any chances for more fanart ? Cause that Oni Shinobi is awesome .

  8. J. Renz says:

    Hi there! Throwing my hat in on this, too. :)


    Saya, a kijin with a masterwork soulgem katana. I never finished statting her due to some RL concerns, but I’d like to get back to it soon.

    I did some touchups on this one versus the version I posted on DeviantArt, sorry about the last-second posting. It’s okay to use this for the TBZ Director’s Cut book!


  9. Tetsu says:


    Please credit as Cary “Tetsu” Watson

    It’s okay to use this picture for the TBZ Director’s Cut Book

  10. Tetsu says:

    – – Grayscale Version – –


    If you prefer the grayscale colored version than you can use it instead.

    Please credit as Cary “Tetsu” Watson

    It’s okay to use this picture for the TBZ Director’s Cut Book

  11. Craig Judd says:


    Please credit as Craig “Shiro Kuro”Judd.

    It’s okay to use this picture for the TBZ Director’s Cut Book. Let me know if you want a higher-res version!

    You can use these too if you like, but I don’t have time to ink them properly…



  12. Tetsu says:

    Yeah, I decided I definitely prefer the grayscale colored version, go with that one :)

  13. Craig Judd says:

    Nice rendering, Eric_H!

  14. shineek says:

    BTW again a off topic question , but if i do a campaign in tenra bansho zero and session will be like chapters in a book , each with their own acts and scenes , so the zero acts should open each one chapter even if my players play the same characters ? or its okay to have one zero act in the first chapter and than its not needed as long as there wont be any new players or new playable characters ?

  15. Jason Miller says:

    Think of the campaign as a series of books and each Scenario as a book. Each Scenario will have it’s own acts, scenes, and a climax. Generally each Scenario would also have its own Zero Act to give the player their Destiny Fate if nothing else.

    I suggest reading the section of the rules starting on P.158 of the rule book. It gives a bunch of advice on running campaign based game.

  16. Tetsu says:

    For my first game, I came up with a united Destiny, between the players. I told them all, this is your Destiny (It dealth with a very major NPC.) Then what I did was, I had each player come up with a backstory as to how the NPC wronged them. What had lead them to want to deal with him. And surprisingly my players came up with some very good stories. I like asking them how stuff went/goes down. They will surprise you, so make sure to try and utilize that

  17. Hey man, unfortunately I didn’t catch yours in time J Renz. Apologies, for that is some badass work right there.


  18. Eric_H says:


    Is there any chance that those that contributed fan art will get a Director’s Cut PDF as well? I’m excited to read it. I’m fine with a physical copy but an early PDF would be sweet.

    Thanks guys.

  19. Oh shit, yeah. Ping me your email address in private and I’ll send it your way. I’m leaving for a day but will be back Sunday night. Email is ziggurat at gmail. Thanks!

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