Gone Silent!

Posted: 7th May 2013 by Diamond Sutra in General, Production

Because of this!


Currently putting together the Kickstarter (then Preorder) sets for shipping. High-end tier folks’ stuff already went out, now I’m working my way down the list. I’m keeping quiet for a little while, just so I can focus on the rest of fulfillment.

I’ll post an update once I brush the dust off my hands!

  1. Paul Winter says:

    Very impressed, but don’t forget to sleep eat and have a break now and again!!


  3. J/K last night I got about 7 hours of sleep, the longest I’ve slept in like two weeks. It felt soooooo gooooood.

    I will sleep well again when the last book has left my hands.

  4. Shineek says:

    Do you plan to make GM screens? I dont know of any TRPG game that would not have them . And with all those small easy to forget rules it easy to forget bout something and than coming back with it after you remembered it is kinda of like a roller coaster for the players .

  5. Skywalker says:

    I think Andy has said before that no GM screens are planned. There are the postcard rules references though.

  6. Kevin Portland says:

    I didn’t check this back in april, and now I feel dumb. This is probably not the case, but would kickstarter upgrading that only gave pdfs (for example, the $20 level to $30 level), be non-complex enough to keep doing as opposed to upgrades that need a physical thing to be packed and sent somewhere, which if I’m reading the update right are why you ceased letting people upgrade. Basically: If I was a a kickstarter tier below $30, and I gave you the difference between my tier and $30, is being given a PDF simple enough that you can just add my name to a list and I’ll get the PDFs when they become available?

    If not (And I totally understand if that’s the case), where should I be looking for the stuff to purchase it when it becomes available?

  7. Kevin Portland says:

    Also, does the intro comic come in PDF form?

  8. Heya, will be back on Sunday, gimme a bit and I’ll have an answer for you. Thanks!

  9. Chris Bedford says:

    How close are you to having your home back? Haha.

  10. Heya Shineek: No GM screens. There are GM… postcards.

    Hey Kevin:

    * Keep an eye on the webstore for what we can make available over time. I’ll have announcements on this blog once new things come to the store. If I get authorization to sell the Director’s Notes further (and it’ll go for about $4 or so), I’ll announce it here.

    * The intro comic is just the first 30-some pages of the World Book.


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