Second Shipping Update!

Posted: 13th June 2013 by Diamond Sutra in Uncategorized

As posted over on the TBZ Kickstarter Update just now:


Hey all, finishing up the last of my trip in Japan, will be home within the next four days or so. I finally, finally got to a spot where I could get some stable internet, which has been a little crazy after almost two weeks of nothing but my iPhone. Even paying 500 yen a day would get me a connection through Softbank’s “One Day Pass” that would drop almost every two minutes. Aaaaannnnnyyyway…

So, a couple quick and important pointers, after which I’ll not have internet (stable) for a few days, so pardon my info blast then retreat…

For Kickstarter Backers:

* Did you get your rewards? Was everything there? Cool! Thank you so much for your support!

* Did you get your reward, but something was missing? Please contact me through KS direct message system and let me know! Many of you have already (missed a comic here, dice there, etc) and I appreciate it. Keep that info coming, even knowing that:
— I WILL get back with you, promise!
— …but it will be a few more days. I am grouping all of your emails/contacts together into my “Must Complete: Tenra F-Ups!” folder to get to right after I hit the ground in the US. So I’m sorry for not being able to get back with you right away to confirm your missing item (as I normally do), but know that I have been saving them, and will reply to each and every one!

* Having said that, I noticed a few common issues, wanted to confirm:

— If you didn’t get your postcards, check the inside of your comic. They were tucked in there. Some folks genuinely didn’t receive the postcards (my bad, and I will send them!), others just haven’t opened the comic…

— The “physical rules reference” was updated (as per a few updates back) to a non-rushed PDF single file that you will be able to download and print out. Jane O created the wonderful template for it, I’m going to be editing and onlining it next week. So it wasn’t a “thing/paper/etc” (it would have been a crappy one, I’m making it an awesome one).

— For folks who didn’t get the PDF: contact me in private with both your email address and a SECOND non-gmail email account. I love my gmail, but the gmail servers block (even before they hit the spam folder) DTRPG coupon emails sometimes. *EVERYONE* was sent the rules/setting PDFs, but not everyone received them: Either they were sent to the spam folder or auto-dropped by the mail server (particularly gmail).

— Dice! If you didn’t get dice and you were EXPECTING them ($70+ levels), my bad, contact me (if you haven’t) and I’ll send you yours. If you didn’t buy dice ($55 level) but you saw the customs slip and it said “dice” on it, that might have been a small error of mine with a small number of international backers when I duplicated an invoice/customs form.

— I think that’s it. If you got the book set/rewards, but something was wrong, contact me through Kickstarter, and I will be replying within one week! (again, when I return to my monster PC with its stable connection and bigass monitor)

* I thought that with rare exception everyone was getting emails from as I mass-printed shipping labels. But I’m getting lots of reports of people who received no email (not even in spam), but the book suddenly arrived. Not sure what happened there, so sorry.

* BUT, for BOTH American and International backers, almost everyone should either received their rewards OR their local post office should have sent them a “you owe us customs money” by this SATURDAY. My vacation was kinda planned for that to happen: So that by the time I got back, all the books sent before I left would have arrived.

If you didn’t get an email, AND you didn’t get a package by Saturday, please contact me through Kickstarter’s messaging system (and tell me your Name, Email). I kept meticulous track of shipping so that no one will fall between the cracks, but ultimately there were 1,200+ packages to ship, and I’m afraid that to date two people fell through the cracks, so there may be more. In one case I caught it and sent before I left. The second case I was just informed now, did a little search, and realized I didn’t ship it somehow. And in both cases, I marked the packages as “packaged, printed and shipped”. Huh. I guess not every system is so perfect that exceptions don’t arise.

So again, if you were a KS backer, in the US, Canada or Overseas, and you didn’t receive the package, an email from with the package information, or a message from your local customs office by this Sunday (I assume most post offices still operate on Saturday), please contact me and I’ll confirm on my side, then ship ASAP as needed. To my knowledge, though, all backers-through-kickstarter with currently one exception (and a few messups with my side: Shipping to the wrong address or forgetting to add a apartment number, etc, which will be reshipped within 48 hours of me hitting US soil) have been shipped.


The folks who backed outside of KS (through Paypal, because of Amazon/CC problems, etc) have all been informed that their rewards are being shipped right when I get back to the US, and that is still the case. Should take 2 weeks, with the stopwatch starting next Monday/Tuesday.


While about 80% of them went out before I left, unfortunately 20% remained at my house (mostly international or hardcover orders). Those, too, will be taken care of within 48 hours of me hitting the ground in the US. Since again this is all Priority Mail, it should all arrive within about 2 weeks (sometimes less, sometimes a touch more depending on how your local customs works).


Now that I’m in a stable location, I’ll be sending the link to the Ruined Empire setting text within either the next day; or failing that, when I return home if a stable connection can’t be reached.

In my next update (next week), I’ll be cataloging the rest of the rewards, and posting a timetable of expected fulfillment. A few people had asked about this, so I’ll make sure to follow up on this once I catch my breath.


I’ll tell you all about it, plus the experiences that Nick (that high-level backer who won the Japan trip) had in a week or so, when things settle down. The highlights:
* Perfect weather!
* So much culture!
* So much walking!!
* Forging the future of upcoming projects (including for Tenra, and after Tenra!!)
* Meeting so many wonderful people, both expected and unexpected

Thanks everyone for your support and patience!

  1. Harry says:

    Hey Andy,

    I appreciate that you are very busy at the moment, but if you would indulge me I need to bring something to your attention.

    I have reordered the hardcover book set from the Webstore as the first set was badly damaged in the post. Is it possible to implement safety measures to ensure this does not happen again?
    Could you package the delivery box’s sides with extra protective bubble wrap or a similar protective material to negate the damage of international shipping? In my experience, when the contents are books it is their sides and corners that suffer the most from impact hits.

    I understand there is always a risk when receiving items from overseas and there is little that can be done to protect against this sort of thing, but I thought I would at least inquire.

    Kind regards,


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