New Material on the Support Page!

Posted: 8th July 2013 by Diamond Sutra in Production

A lot of new official uploads on the Support page!

Updates include:
– A link to Lotus Blossom’s Bridal Path (finally!)
– The TBZ Naming Guide (from the rulebook, in an easy-to-use format)
– Against the Tide campaign playset, complete with larger versions of the maps by Tony Dowler,┬áplus two of his original sketches!
– A cover pictures/”Posters” of Tenra Bansho Zero’s English edition, plus a picture of just the background as well.
– A reprint of four of the pieces from the setting book (the sketches with hand-drawn notes), in black and white and high resolution, for folks who only have the PDF (they’re not as clear in the PDF version, although clear in the printed version).

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